Monday, December 13, 2010

Jocelyn Update

Part of our weekend was spent at Coco's! We never go there but Steve was craving it so we went for a late lunch! So super kid friendly too which is always a plus! I took these picture's because it reminded me of when my sister and I were little and would go to Coco's with my mom and Grandma Jane. We would "wash the windows" with the napkins after they had gotten wet from the condensation from our drinks! Coco's always reminds me of my Grandma! Great memories!
We had two of Jocelyn's doctors appt's on Friday! Steve took the day off too and we got to take her together! We saw her GI and her Pulmonary Specialist. Here are her latest stats:
14 1/2 months
19lbs, 1oz (10% on the weight chart now-BACK ON THE CHART after 9 months of being off of it and her weight at .8%! WOOHOO)
She technically lost 3 oz from a week ago but we think it was the difference of two doctor offices scales-plus the Pulmo and GI said that kids tend to drop some weight in the winter (wish that was true for us adults) and they don't get worried about it.
30 1/2" in length (constantly in the 50% for height)
Words: We've counted up to 19 now. Here are a few-Hi (to literally everyone we see while out and about during our day), Hi-ya, Mommy, Daddy, Tickle-Tickle, Dog, Cat, Duck, Ball, Bird, Jocelyn (or Yacyin), Stop, Go-Go-Go, ByE-bye, "whatda?", "whoooa!", "Ohhh!" and sometimes she will repeat what we say.
So finally Jocelyn is back on the weight chart which makes the doctors VERY happy! I always tell them, "But someone has to be on the bottom..and someone has to be on the top, or you would not even have a chart!"
GI dr thinks her first ear infection (that she had last week) could possible be due to her reflux as well! UGH! I hate reflux! He said that many kids who have acid reflux start getting ear infections bettween 1 and 3yo's old. He said the reflux meds only controls the amount of acid in the stomach and can't control the actual food coming back up her esophagus. So something it can come up and some of the liquid will get in her ear canal, sit for awhile and then cause an infection. So he ends up getting aggressive with the reflux meds. He decided to double her reflux meds now. Also because she was starting to throw up more often again.
He was concerned that she got the congested cough while on two breathing treatments a day but happy she fought the ear infection well. However, he wants to keep her on two breathing treatments a day still until we get through winter. So we will try and ween her down to once a day not until Feb now. But he said that is all depending on the weather and how raining that month ends up being.
It's been so dry lately that her excema flared up again! But thankfully we had the new perscription ointment so it cleared it up overnight!
All in all a great weekend!

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