Friday, December 17, 2010

Meeting Santa 2010

Jocelyn was not a fan of Santa tonight! We showed her Santa's picture several times before our visit! She would always get very excited when I said we were going to see Santa! She was even more excited when we put on her pretty dress! This looked promising! Before we sat her on his lap we even let her get a good look at him! None of that helped even in the slightest bit! She immediately started to cry very hard so Daddy quickly gave her the pacifier and she stopped for a few seconds for us to snap one "good" photo! Thankfully no one was there and they didn't rush us!

Poor thing! Afterwards I said, "Did you see Santa!??" and she shook her head "no"! Tramatized for sure! Ha!
So maybe next year!
Posted the below photo from last year to show the difference! Yes, it's the same dress! Still fits so why not!?

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