Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Vacation

This is Steve's artistic picture from our trip! We went to eat at AJ Spur's the first night and saw this on the fence. Steve thought it looked pretty cool!

Our first day was great! We got to Solvang with time to go to Buttonwood and shop around. We then went to dinner. We unpacked and settled in with no issues! But then around 9:30pm Steve's stomach turned sour. That continued the entire night and into the next day!

So Jocelyn and I set out alone. There is a great park that everyone must stop at with kids. It's called Sunny Fields Park right past Solvang but before Los Olivos!

They have really cute little houses to walk in and out of!

Day 3 Daddy was still so sick! So we set offagain alone! All he coulddo was sleep & I couldn't exactly keep Jocelyn in all day!

So I took her to the very spot daddy had proposed to me 3 years ago exactly!

Then we found some mini horses!

After that we went back to the park! Thankfully Steve was a little stronger & we were able to get him home on Day 4! So as bummed as I was, Jocelyn & I made the best of it!

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