Monday, December 6, 2010


Jocelyn waving to Nicolas when she saw him on the video monitor! So funny!Jocelyn sharing her toys with Lucy! She is 2 wks older than Jocelyn! Her brothers are best friends with Nicolas! Nicolas wanted to take a picture with Jocelyn since they were both in their PJ's!

What a crazy weekend! On Wed I started getting really bad vertigo. Steve drove me to the urgent care that night and turns out I had an inner ear virus which explains the vertigo! Great, so give me a pill to stop the world from spinning. Nope! Doctor said that there is nothing you can do but treat the symptoms and let it "run its course"..really?! Oh man! So come Thursday and it was even worse. I couldn't keep down the meds the doctor did give me so he said to try dramamine! Ugh! In the end it lasted 4 days and I'm still a little dizzy and unbalanced. My ears are plugged on and off. Neck is super stiff from sleeping sitting up for so long but glad that the vertigo has finally stopped! It's the worst and I feel horrible for anyone who suffers from it everyday!

Steve had his big conference in San Diego too this weekend! I made him go! He wasn't going to miss this because of some momma dizziness! So off he went and over came Grandma E to help with Jocelyn! She was obviously moving way too fast for me! My mom stayed with me Thursday night and Friday night and on through Saturday afternoon until Steve got home! Whew! What a help! I could not have done it without her! Thanks Grandma!!!!

Steve did great as always and met more contacts. He has 3 more conferences which he will speak at in Jan! So exciting!

We need to post this video but on 11/30 Jocelyn took 4 steps! Woohoo to baby ...err...toddler Jocelyn! She has since insisted on holding at least a finger to walk around everywhere. She's extremely active now and all over the place as any normal 14 month old would be I guess!

We have to see her GI and Pulmo doctors this Friday so I'll give full updates on her health then. She is working through her first ear infection now which lead to a congested cough but the Pumlicort (breathing treatments) is doing what it's suppose to and keeps her lungs from reacting to things. Which is great news!

We ended the weekend at Nicolas' Christmas Choir show at his church. He sang 3 songs with his class! It was really cute! We only got picture's on Steve's phone so I just posted one above. That is us hanging out in the family room at the church since Jocelyn lasted all of 10 minutes into the performance. Thankfully they had a video monitor and other kids to keep her entertained! Best seats in the house!

Let the Christmas season begin!!!

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