Monday, August 13, 2012

10 Months photos

 At 10 months, 3 weeks I finally got Casen's 10 month photos! As you can see there wasn't much chair sitting! I had to get Steve AND Jocelyn to help me because he kept trying to stand UP in the chair!
 "Mama! Dada"

 Seriously Casen??? Giving mommy a heart attack! Which is why his head is cut off! HA!
 Ok maybe he will sit down if we put Jocelyn next to him!
 He will, because Jocelyn was holding him super tight....
 Which of course he also didn't like!
 Jocelyn telling me she will be 3 soon! She is very proud of being able to get her fingers that way now!

 Those cheeks! I love them and want to bite them and kiss them constantly!
 Ok let's try Daddy taking pictures now!
 I got some photos of Jocelyn doing ballet again!
 and spinning....

 Practicing her form!
 Her new thing...bowing! She loves to bow after a performance on stage!

 Jocelyn is getting tired of all this photo taking!

Ok photo session is over! We are exhausted!

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