Friday, August 24, 2012

Casen is 11 months

Casen was 11 months yesterday! He is really changing the last few days! He is becoming very vocal and trying to say the words that we say! He is still always a super happy little man! He smiles as soon as I open his door in the morning after I hear him saying, "mammma....mammmma..." in his baby babbling! He is definitely starting to realize I'm "ma-ma" and Steve is "da-da"!
He is out of his infant car seat now too! We are moving him to Jocelyn's car seats and then giving her the "big" carseats!
Weight-not entirely sure but most likely 22lbs at least! But still in size 4 diapers.
Height-again not sure but he is the size of his changing table!
Skills: Standing, walking arounf furtinue, walks with our fingers, climbs (just started that), waving when we say, "goodnight", "bye-bye" or "hi", trying to do high 5's (working on it), points at everything. Points at the kitchen when I say, "Do you want toast!?" He also points to his sound machine when I get him up from his crib in the mornings. I'm guessing it's because I always turn it off-so he is reminding me?!
Words: All the usuallys and now he has added, "Ca" and 'Du" when we show him a duck! He also tries to say "dog" but it sounds like "DA"! Jocelyn is still "GA" for now!
Clothes: Still in most 9 month things but I can also put him in 12 month stuff. Some is a little big depending on the brand.
Shoes: Not entirely sure since honestly he doesn't wear shoes much! It's been so hot and no need! I tried on a size 1 and they were way too small. So I'm guessing a 2 or bigger by now. We will see when the winter comes!

My next update will be the big 1 year! I can hardly believe it is a month away! But we are so enjoying this ride!

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