Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Weekend

 Holy Hot Weekend Batman!!! Wow! 90-102 by us! I couldn't believe it! Thankfully we do have AC! We try to be conservative with it. We had it at 74 and it kept running and even turned on at 7am!! Our kids run just as hot and us and can't sleep in the heat. So it's so nice to have that AC to cool off the house at night so they can sleep well!

Jocelyn and I headed out for an early walk while Casen took his morning nap! She was on the swings for maybe two minutes and said, "mommy I want to go home! it's too HOT!" Mommy ran home to get her out of the heat but I think I over did it with it being that hot! Whew!!!
 We went to a friends pool on Saturday and see their new house! They live very close to the beach so it was nice and cool there! No pictures because I had my hands full since they are doing construction on the house and have a pool! I only took Jocelyn and had Daddy stay home with Casen so again he could have his morning nap!
 Cute baby chubs hanging out in the cool house with no clothes!
 Sunday we went to my moms pool! The water was so warm but so refreshing! There weren't many people there which was surprising! Casen of course loved the water! Jocelyn is fine with it as long as we are holding her at all times! She played so nicely with Grandma though and had a tea party at the pool too!
 Steve caught this photo while he sat in the spa! Cracks me up because he caught Casen trying to escape the pool! I was afraid he would crawl ontot the dry very HOT cement!

 After the pool Grandma E took us to dinner at Souplantation! We haven't been there as a family since before Casen was born. I couldn't eat there while I was pregnant-no room in my stomach! So it was fun to go back! I love going here with kids because it's a free for all and you can try to get them to try new foods. With a 10 month old who isn't picky yet it's the best too! He was in dinner heaven! Ate everything we gave him from noodles, to chicken to corn bread!
 Happiest boy there..and cutest!!
 Jocelyn did so well too! Daddy took her to make an ice cream sundae after she ate all her dinner! She was so proud of it!
Even had to lick the bowl apparently! Such a great weekend staying cool!!

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