Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our baby is growing up!

 You now that mommy moment where you glance at your baby and realize he/she is slowly growing up....or maybe not so slowly....but super quick right before your very eyes!

For me this moment came as I was getting Jocelyn dressed after her bath. Steve was holding Casen who was still in his towel also waiting to get dressed. He just looked so long, so un-baby-ish, so big!

So I had to take a few photos are I got him dressed for bed! Which the last few nights is nothing BUT a diaper since it's been SO hot. But tonight it's in the 70's again! Woohoo!
 He is as long as the changing table now...and he doesn't just lay there! He likes to roll and kick and grab for anything near him!
 He loves sitting and will grab all the mirrors above him if he isn't given something to play with!

 He loves doing this face.....he says, "nah, nah, NAH!" while doing that face!

Nope, still no teeth! Sigh....soaking up every moment!

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