Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jocelyn the baseball hat wearer!

 Our 2 year old (can't say that too much longer) is so funny sometimes! She has these amazing stories and ideas and adventures she takes us on every night! Tonight while we were playing she grabbed one of Daddy's hats and said, "I'm a baseball player!" No one was about to tell her that hat said, "golf" on it! So of course we went with it!

She said she had to go play baseball and then she said, "But I need my backpack and wings too!" Oh of course! Pink wings non the less!
 She said she had to stand at the door and on the base and take her picture!

 She really likes it on backwards too!
 Love that face!
 Casen crawled over for some photos as well!
 Baby chubs!

 Love! We continued a bit after baths as she heard the kids outside! We went out to play with them for a little bit!

Night everyone!!

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