Friday, August 10, 2012

Imaginary "Sister"!

Tonight, while putting Jocelyn to bed she told me that her "sister" was also in her bed sleeping next to her tonight! I said, "Oh she is? What is her name?" She said, "A-ya"! This is also the name she tells me is her "teacher" a few weeks ago!

So I went on to kiss her and say good night. But then she said, "mommy, kiss A-ya too!" then she said, "mommy, say good-night to A-ya too!" Oh ok! She even wanted me to put cream on A-ya! Of course I've heard about other peoples kids having imaginary friends (my own niece has at least two) BUT when it's your own kid and they bring it up in the dark right before bed, it's a little freaky! Ha! 

Happy hot Friday!!! Thank you Lord for AC! 

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