Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Weekend

 On Saturday, Steve was asked to be a 2nd photographer at a wedding his friend was shooting for. He gave Steve a cut of his profits so Steve said yes! So I took the kids to Grandma E's after naps to hang out. Grandma E had baby Drew for the weekend since my sister and her family were going to Palm Springs. Which is way too hot for a barely 3 month old! Isn't he adorable?!
 We played in Grandma's pool and had a really yummy dinner! We made it home right as daddy was driving into the driveway! Perfect!
 I tried taking some photos at this weeks gymnastics class! But Jocelyn is so fast there it's really hard to get anything good!

 Casen has been obsessed with Jocelyn's scotter. He loves the wheels and tries to crawl after it. So this weekend I actually put him on it. He can't really stand by himself yet and is not walking at all. But he stood on the scooter while I pushed him up and down the street! He loved it!

 Jocelyn loves putting on my eyeshadow. She does it so very carefully each time she asks to do it. Here is her latest work!
 So Casen has figured how to open the screen door now! He pushed it out and then slides it. He is FAST too! Sunday morning at 6am he did this...then crawled out at lightening speed all because the sprinklers had come on and he wanted to play in them! I let him re-create it so I could take pictures! Of course he was happy to do that for me! Ha!

 Playing in the sprinkler water!! He was sad when they turned off!
 Later in the day after we got home from feeding the ducks at the park it was still very hot out. So we let the kids play in the backyard with the water toys!
 Casen loves the sandbox!
 Look closely and you will see a white butterfly landed on Casen's arm. He was there for at least 15 seconds...long enough to take a photo for sure! He flew around the kids a lot which Jocelyn loved! Then he took off!

 Jocelyn being silly and sitting in Daddy's chair when he went in to get us some drinks!

 Mommy wanted to workout so I put the kids in the stroller, left daddy at home this time and took the kids to another park! It was still scorching out! Whew!
The last few weeks Jocelyn has said she doesn't need a nap! We know she still does but we have her stay in her room for "quiet time" anyways. Which she usually never sleeps for. So yesterday she didn't get a nap. On our way home from our walk at 5:45pm she started getting very sleepy! She fell asleep and completley missed dinner. She didn't wake until 7:15 so we gave her a fast dinner and bath and off to bed she went! What a fun weekend!

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