Friday, August 3, 2012

Jocelyn's Eczema Contined.....

 Yesterday Jocelyn saw a new doctor. This one was a pediatric allergist! Steve took her since he is still off school! He took Jocelyn to a fun breakfast first to fill up her tummy! She was pointing out the flowers to Steve there!

Her eczema has still not calmed down much after it flaired up in June. I actually did find an organic product called Monkey Balm that really helped her a lot! So we have been using that for about a month now. But she still had very bad enflamed patches that were bothering her.

 Jocelyn actually played in the waiting room at this doctors. That is big! Steve said she did really great. She is fine as long as you tell her she will get a sticker afterwards!
 They let her bring in a Tangled doll from the waiting room!
 Steve said she wanted to hide things while they waited for the doctor! She does this at home as well!
 Then she pretended to be the doctor with her doll!
 Ya know what is better than a sticker?? A animal balloon!! The doctor actually made this for her! She loved it!

 So the doctor said for sure she needs to be on Zyrtec right away! He was surprised no doctor had perscribe her that yet! They have a childs liquid form! He wants her on it every day for 3-4 wks until we return back to him. Then he said for us to give her daily baths (this surprised me) and within 3 minutes we need to apply the below creams. One is for her very red/enflamed spots and one is for her mild spots. One of the creams is $100!! Thankfully the doctor gave us 3 coupons for it that we can use 3 times each! With the coupons it was only $5! We can use each one 1-2 times a day!

He also recomended the CeraVe moisturizer. I've seen this one before but it's basically the same as the other ones we've used. So nothing new there.

We had been giving her Benadryl the last week which had really helped. He said they work the same but recomended the Zyrtec instead.

She was doing much better at night on the Benadryl! Not waking up scratching and crying at all. She didn't last night either with us switching her to Zyrtec to that was good. Which has helped her "boo-boo's" or scabs to heal again! There is nothing worse than washing your childs sheets or pajamas because they have blood on them from them scratching so much at night!
Her doctor also praised California Baby products. They sell them at Target but they are still SO expensive. Or course I would pay anything for her not to be in pain. But when you are not completely sure a product will work it's hard to spend that much on it! Even though the soap and lotion we have been using (Cetaphil Restroderm still) is $15 a bottle! But I looked at Califormia baby at Target last night and they actually have an eczema soap but it's $30! I'll wait until our soap is out and then see where we are at before I jump to that. They did have another regular soap for only $17 (sound like a bargain now).

So he basically said he wants to be aggressive and knock out her eczema and then see what it looks like in 4 wks. Then he will go from there! He too did say most kids with this bad of eczema almost always grow out it by age 7! Which is nice to hear that it's not forever but that is a really long time away to be scratching that much!

It's so hard to see her in pain or hurting. It hurts our hearts so much when she cries or scratching until her skin bleeds from this eczema even though we beg her not to! You see other kids perfect, blemish free skin and just want that so bad for your own child! It's so strange how you just never know what you will be dealing with when you have kids. There are not many baby books on this topic either. I cling to other mommy's I meet (you meet a lot of them when they see Jocelyn's eczema-it's a big converstation starter) and listen closely to any remedy they have that I have not heard of!

Steve and I continue to pray for her everyday and we know God is leading us to the right solutions! We just want to help her feeling better and not in pain anymore!

To be continued....

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