Monday, August 20, 2012

El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood! Cinderella...the movie!

 This past weekend we got tickets for Jocelyn to go see Cinderella the movie at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood! We did the VIP Balcony seating where you get popcorn and a drink with each ticket. Since we couldn't take Casen we had Steve stay home with him and my mom went with us! Since Jocelyn is really into princess stuff now I knew it would be the perfect movie to take her to! She has only been to one 30 minute kid movie so this was her 1st official movie experience!

She said she wanted her hair like princess hair so I researched some types on Pinterest and came up with this! I couldn't believe she sat long enough for me to do it! She also asked me to make her a new bow so we worked on that together as well!

 She could hardly wait to get dressed! She had to carry her Cinderella doll that a friend had gotten her for her birthday! She couldn't even stand still long enough for a photo either! Ha!
 She checked out the window every 5 minutes to see if Grandma E was there yet!
 When she arrived off we went to Hollywood! It's pretty crazy up there so we parked and then ate lunch at the Mc Donalds on Hollywood Blvd! You can imagine all the tourist and people! Jocelyn told Grandma, "lot of people!" a few times!
 Typcial Jocelyn she only hate 2 nuggets and all her apples and milk! She kept asking to go see the princess movie! I don't think she could eat too much since that was her one focus!
 We took a few quick photos of Jocelyn on Hollywood Blvd! It was 93 when we got out of the car! With no breeze! HOT!

 Then we took a short walk a block down to El Capitan Theatre! Had to take a photo next to the poster!
 We got to wait in the VIP Seating line! This was torture for many little girls! They just wanted in! But a short 15 minutes later we were in the cool theatre with our huge bins of popcorn and generous drinks!
 Jocelyn danced in her chair and hummed to the disney tunes while the organist played several familiar songs!
 Look how big that popcorn was!
 Clapping for the organist of course!
 She was getting embarrassed by my picture taking! She told me to sit down and stop taking pictures! Sorry I couldn't help it! She was just too darn cute!
 Finally it was time! The organist started to descend into the orchestra pit!

 Bye Bye.....time for the SHOW!
But one more thing! Before the movie they brought out a Cinderella who danced and talked a bit to the kids! Jocelyn was on the edge of her seat (literally) listening to every word and following her all over the stage with her eyes. She kept waving to her saying, "hi princess!" and then she would say, "mommy she isn't waving back! She doesn't see me!"

She sat through the entire movie only getting ansty towards the last 20 minutes. I took her to go to the bathroom and let her stretch her feet!

She was so tired but had so much fun! On the way home she fell asleep holding two buckets of popcorn in her hands! She wouldn't let go of those things and said she had to show Daddy!

Super fun day for all of us!

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