Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 The past couple weeks Jocelyn has told us over and over that Ryder is her best friend! Well this is Ryder! Could he be any cuter?? He just so happens to also be one of my best friends from college, son! Jocelyn and Ryder both go to the same daycare so they see each other every day! But at the end of May, Ryder will turn 3 and a few months after that he will go off to preschool! He is going to a different preschool than Jocelyn will go to so I wanted to get a photo of them together to give Ryder as part of his birthday present from Jocelyn! I asked Lori (who watches the kids) to take a photo of the two of them together and see if she could send it to me before his birthday party on Saturday. The next day when I went to pick up the kids Lori handed me a CD! She went over and beyond and did a whole photoshoot with the kids! I was in shock! I brought it home to Steve and we started to go through them! We were dying at how cute they were!! A great keepsake! We will still see Ryder as often as we can and have playdates for him too! But we are so glad that Jocelyn can look back at these photos too some day of this time she had with her "best friend Ryder"!

 One of my favorites!

 Lori said that Jocelyn pinched her fingers and Ryder kissed them completely un-prompted! So sweet!

 Their favorite toy!

 High-fives of course!
 Sharing inside joke maybe??
Dying over the cuteness! Someday I can't wait to embarrass them with these photos!!! HA! Happy Birthday Ryder!!

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