Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casen-8 months

I actually got a chance to take Casen's month photos on his actual 8 month "birthday"! Jocelyn's eyes got super big when I said, "It's Casen's 8 month birthday!" Do not use the word birthday around her unless you are prepared for a party with a cake and a bounce house! HA!

All done mommy!! He is of course getting more and more mobile these days. No official crawling but it up on all fours still, rocking back and forth. Also rolls and spins around to get where he needs to go-which is everywhere!!!
Oh books!!!
Jocelyn was helping me get him to smile! But then she said her baby had a poopy diaper.....minus the diaper I guess! She said it was a MESS! See her face below...."pee-youuuu" she said! HA!

No she is singing to the baby!
Casen didn't like the singing I guess....! But love that face that I could him making!
Happy 8 months to our curious boy Casen!

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