Friday, May 11, 2012

Last Night

 Now that Casen eats solids he eats the ENTIRE jar! He sees it coming and I can never get it opened fast enough for him! He also LOVES to hold the spoon and do it himself. I have to hold his hands down gently to feed him or else it take an hour because he wants to savor every bit and hold the spoon in his mouth until it's completely clean of food. Then he will start fussing for me to give him another bite! Sometimes I use this to my advantage when I'm trying to cook dinner at the same time!

These picture's are from a very tired but hungry baby last night. He could barely keep his peepers opened but wanted to eat so bad! He went right to sleep after he ate and had his bottle!

 He perked up a little after I played peek-a-boo to get a smile!

 Fading fast..........
Jocelyn popped in from playing with Daddy and let me actually take a photo! She even said, "CHEESE!" Wow!!

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