Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Casen's Room

 I can't seem to find the post about Casen's final room. I'm actually thinking now that I never did one. Since we want to print books of our blog someday for the kids I want this to be in his book! The bedding is from the Baby Guy at the OC swap meet. Was so happy the way it came out. We got to design every element of it.

 His changing table along with matching changing pad print. I did a wall collage of mirrors and hooks that are guitar handles. However now that Casen is bigger he is trying to take these all down. Jocelyn never touched any of the decor above her changing table. Another thing that is different between the two of them!
 I bought $1 shadow frames at the Dollar Tree! Then I painted them turquoise! I cut some guitar fabric that matched his bedding and glued it inside. Then I got some letters at Joann's fabric and painted them white. I stuck a 1/2" thick foam between the letter and the fabric so it would pop off the fabric and not sit flat. I love how it came out!
I bought a black drum wall decal on amazon! It was actually easier to stick to the wall than I though!
We actually still need to put up some shelves but you get the idea of his room decor! We love how it turned out!

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