Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday and Saturday!

 We've again had bees this year in our tree. Except this time they didn't leave after two days. It's been 2 weeks and they leave for a few hours but always returned! They went from branch to branch and were a huge basketball sized swarm. What I read on them was that they were swarming around their queen bee and most likely had a hive near by. They could be trying to make that location a new home if they stayed longer than a few days. Every website though said call as soon as you can! So we called on Friday night and these people came out at 5pm! On a Friday! So apparently it's very serious! They said they are not aggressive until they start making a hive-but you don't want to wait for that! They sucked them up and "relocated" them! They said no bees would be harmed! Finally the kids can play in the backyard again without me eyeing the tree every 5 seconds!
 These are a few still picture's of Jocelyn singing the night before we shot the video below!

 We took out some water toys since it was getting warm again! This year Casen got in on the fun thanks to Jocelyn! The whole, "don't squirt your brother!" was yelled very often! Casen never cried but just seemed surprised by the sudden blast of water in his face! Jocelyn on the other hand thought it was downright hysterical! Sigh...

 She even tried to get Daddy as he took some of the photos!
 Mommy wasn't feeling too great come Saturday morning. So Daddy took Jocelyn to gymnastics this time! He got some cute shots of her!
 I love this one.....it's as if she is saying "I'll get one of those thropies too someday!"
 Running into the pit!
 Stretching of course...always important! Heeehee!
 Right after gymnastics we took off to Ryder's birthday party at Mother's beach on the playground side! Always an awesome location for the kids!
 Casen and Elia had a day with chips...! Don't worry, no chips were eaten...just shaken! Those bags make some really fun noise for a 10 month old and a 7 month old. She is 3 months OLDER than Casen but Casen weight more! That's our boy!!!
 Of course Jocelyn had to get a picture with the birthday boy, Ryder!
 Pinata time! Jocelyn let the boys do the work and got in there after the candy fell! She has never been the proud owner of so much chocolate candy! We have limted her to two a day! She never lets us forget that and has had two pieces everyday so far since! Should be interesting when it's all gone!

 Maddy and Jocelyn showing off their stashes proudly!
 Jumper time! I had to hear about Ryder having a jumper for about 2 wks! They must have talked about it at daycare everyday! The kids could not wait!

What a fun day!!!

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