Monday, May 14, 2012

We love our weekends!

 Friday Jocelyn got her hair curled by "Cam"! She is Lori's daughter. She came home from college this past weekend and loves to do Jocelyn's nails or hair! What a special treat!! Her hair already has a nice curl at the end so it's super easy to curl. It was still curling on Saturday night before we washed it!

 Sunday was Mother's Day of course! I made a big breakfast with eggs, pancakes (Jocelyn's request), hashbrowns and cinnamon cake!

Then we were off to church ! Casen was also being dedicated at church that day! I have zero picture's of that! UGH! But I do have a nice colored certificate that the church presented us with. We also took a family picture at that the church which they provided us for free! I am just waiting for it to be downloaded onto their website and then I will post it! So that will be my only picture from the dedication basically!
There was a total of 15 families dedicating their babies. We did it with 8 of them for the first service. Many more than we had with Jocelyn! Casen did great and smiled away! He also tried to grab his sisters dress during the prayer! Oopss!

 Afterwards I took him to the nursery and then Jocelyn stayed with us. We were in the front row so she had to be on her best behavior! She was so much so that she fell asleep! A mother's day gift for sure! I got to listen to the whole service! Loved it!

Afterwards we went to Tustin BBQ with my mom! What a great place as always! I even got a complimentary mimosa for being a mom! Woohoo!
 After naps Kelly and her family were able to come over! I made a huge crockpot full of BBQ chicken! It was a great recipe that we had done a test trial run the week before. It was a hit! We had watermelon, salads and put the BBQ on yummy rolls! I also made a cake too!
 The girls went right into crafts! They painted and used glitter pens!

 Baby Drew is just a week old! I got so hold him a little bit! He is the such a snuggler and never made a peep the whole time!!
 Such the sleepy baby!
 Casen had to check Drew out too since they will be besties some day!
 I think he wanted to climb in! I can't believe just 7 short months ago, that was Casen! How do they grow so fast???!
 Then the talent show began! With Emma there is almost always a talent show! At least one per day! So now Jocelyn has joined in on her fun! With the Elmo microphone everyone got a turn to sing or dance! It was rather hysterical to watch! This went on for at least an hour!!
 Steve caught this moment turning their fun! I tagged "Instagrambabies" on Instagram (you can see ours also on the side of our blog now------------------------------------------------------------->>)
They liked it so much they put it on their feed! At the time I did the below screen shot it had 130 "likes" but when I checked just now it has 153 "likes"!

At the end of the night all the kids were done and done!! Threw my kidos (gently of course) in the bathtub and off to bed they went! Even though Jocelyn told me "I'm not tired!" Yeahhh right!

It was a really awesome Mother's Day!! I loved the entire day!!!!!!! So relaxing and the weather was so great!! Daddy, Jocelyn and Casen gave me a cool picture of them on a metal sheet. It was a new company that prints pictures on them. It comes with magnets or sticky stuff to hang it! I brought it to work to hang at my desk! Love it!

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