Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waiting for Baby Drew...

 Grandma E was super awesome to watch Emma and Jack until mommy and daddy were home after having Drew. I went up to their house to maybe try and help a bit and so Jocelyn could play with her cousins who she had been asking about since they left on Easter! Ha! She also kept telling me that "Grandma E is texting me!" and asking to go to "Grandma E's house" so I knew she needed her fix!

It was a wonderful day and so we got to play outside a lot. We took the kids to a local park as well! Not many picture's because we had our hands full there! But the park is so great! It is for little kids just their size!
 Jocelyn was taking a break on the stairs! By this time the kids were exhausted! Jocelyn had just come from gymnastics as you can tell!
 Emma some how found her rainboots in her closet and put them on since we were playing in the water table and it was getting pretty wet!
Jack was pointing to Emma's butterflies on her boots and saying, "bunerh-fly"...He's the sweetest ever!
We only stayed until 3pm so we could go back home to hang out with Daddy!
Another fun day for sure though!

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