Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Duck feeding, Tree hugging, Getting Married Daughter!

 For a few weeks we have been saving the heels to our bread loafs to feed the ducks at the park. Jocelyn has been asking to go do this for awhile! After mommy slept all morning from still not feeling well we had to get the kids out of the house! So in the later afternoon we headed out to feed the ducks! Jocelyn loved it and threw the bread pretty well to them all. Until she wanted to eat the bread herself!
 So we moved on to the swings! Sometimes she wants to swing forever and other day you push her twice and she says, "Ok, all done!" Silly girl!

 She was in a super hugging mood apparently! She asked me if she could go over and hug this tree! HA! Sure honey-go give that tree a hug! So she did! She started to hug ALL the trees in the park! Such our sweet girl!

 Meanwhile Casen was busy trying to crawl all over the place. He wouldn't stay on his blanket unless he had his bottle!
 Which by the way he has been holding on his own for a few weeks. Well when he wants to anyways!
 Someone got tired and wanted to sit down! Guess she thought Casen's carseat looked like the most comfy! Time to go home!
 After we got out of the car we let her play in the front yard (and our neigbors yard) a little bit! She did something that totally caught me off guard. She bent over and picked up a dandolion and held it to her chest. Then she tilted her head, smiled and said, "I'm getting maried!!" In her sweetest voice and just stood there like I should be taking her picture! So I did! But first I laughed right outloud! I did NOT except her to say that!

 See that head tilt.....
 See that adorable smile with the smiling eyes too..............she just kept repeating, "I'm getting married!"
I asked her who she was getting married too! She said, "to me!" Typcial two year old response I guess right!? I still loved it! Just never know what she will say next!

I think because of our reaction she kept doing it over and over! I didn't care I just loved that look!!

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