Thursday, May 10, 2012

Casen-7 1/2 months

 Yesterday Casen had a "catch up" doctors appt. He needed one oral vaccine to catch up before he turned 8 months. So it was fun to see where he was weight and height wise again! Almost Exactly a month since Casen had been to the doctors he gained over a pound! His new stats are:
Weight: 19lbs, 8oz
Height: 27"
Head:  46"
Pulling up on all fours
Lunging forward
Saying, "DADA"
Babbling a whole lot more and doing more repeating sounds
Continuing to laugh hysterically at his sister especially in the car!! She loves to make funny faces at him or play peek-a-boo! When she is done she will say, "OK Casen no MORE! KAY?" But he will just laugh more and then she will do more to entertain him!
 He was of course exhausted after the long day! He wouldn't let go of mommy's hand! So sweet!
 Had to post pictures of his first time in "the car"! Our dear friend Natalie gave this to Jocelyn at my baby shower! Jocelyn (and every kid that comes over) just loves it still! But Casen hadn't been able to ride in it yet since he was still too small. But he is big enough now! So he got his first ride this past weekend!!!
He loved it!!!!

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