Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Clean Babies

 Jocelyn wanted me to take her picture after her bath. She thought her hair was so pretty and wanted me to capture it!
 But she made silly faces too!
 Then she did a few surprise faces too!
 Then came the hair shaking! She loves to do that after bathtime!
 Casen jumped in the photo after his bath too!
 She gave him giant hugs! But all he wanted to do was try and nose dive off the couch!
 She was copying him at this point! She thought that was pretty funny!

 She put her arm around Casen and of course he immediately put her hand in his mouth!
 Took her a minute to realize it!
 To her that was disgusting!! Ewww brother cooties! Haha!

 Back to copying Casen's every move!

Silly girl time for bed!!!!

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