Monday, May 7, 2012

Casen Rolled Over

 A few minutes before 8pm on Thursday night May 3rd-Casen rolled over! He also said, "DA-DA" about 5 minutes after he rolled over! He wanted two milestones in one day I guess!
I saw him trying so I grabbed my camera phone and started to watch him! I caught the whole thing on camera!!

Also note this was the begining of a HUGE weekend! SO many things and events happened that it will take me a little bit to get it all on the blog! But I will!

 Just have the arms stuck under him now!!
Momma put down the camera and pick me up!
Now he is starting to lunge forward and will get his thigh stuck under him and he can't get out. He fusses until someone comes to move him! He will be crawling all over soon!!

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