Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 We started the weekend off by going to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Davis! Great picture of Jocelyn and Grandma! I also love how Casen is leaning WAY back in the background. He saw some lights and just kept following them with his head! Too funny!
 On Saturday we made our way up to Northridge to go to my very good friends sons 1st birthday! My friends Cher is holding Caden, then me with my two kids and then Natalie with the birthday boy, Colton!
 Colton (1), Caden and Casen! The 3 "C"s all born in the same year. Caden and Casen are also 1 day apart! They were due on the same day as well! Too funny!! Caden lives up in Beverly Hills so we haven't see him too much but hope the boys will be good friends someday with their similarities!
 Then saturday night came and Casen started to sneeze......and had running, watery eyes......(see below)....
On no little man please don't get sick! So we layed low and close to home all day Sunday! My mom came over after church and kept Jocelyn very entertained so we could let Casen rest more!

 On Monday he still wasn't 100% so we decided to stay away from everyone and went to the beach with our family of 4! We got there are 8:45am and got an amazing parking spot! We went to Mother's Beach in Long beach which has a playground on one side! It's a really great family place! Jocelyn was done by 11:30! We went to pick up lunch and home for naps!
 Casen's 1st time at the beach! We put his toes in the water of course too! Soon after he passed out for his 9am nap! He slept the entire time! Only woke up a little when we put him in the car but passed right back out again!

 Come Tuesday Daddy had another day off. Daycare was closed as well so it worked out perfect. Casen perked up a bit in the morning so mommy went on to work! Daddy took the kids to the park for the day!
 They also played in the backyard a lot!

But then Casen started to fade again! He only wanted to sleep or lay on Daddy!

 When I got home he was not doing well at all. He didn't have a fever but mommy knew something was off so off to the baby urgent care we went! Yep-doctor confirmed mommy's fears-a double ear infection! She said it was just barely beginning but for sure was probably the reason he got worse yesterday! So only his 2nd time being official "sick" in his short 8 months! Not too bad I have to say!
He will be on the mend in no time!!

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